What makes
you different?

Do you solve a different problem? Do you solve a common problem differently? Do you have a different approach? A different worldview?

Most organizations exist because they do something different.

But many struggle to communicate their difference clearly, concisely, and persuasively. As a result, their messaging doesn’t cut through the clutter consistently — which keeps them from achieving the success and making the impact they know they’re capable of.

That’s why no matter how good you are at what you do, how effectively you tell your story can be the difference between “If only more people truly understood the value we deliver” and “When I explain what we do, people get it, and want to know if we can help them.”

If you’re ready to turn “So, what do you do?” into “Do you think you can help us with that?”, let’s talk about how we can help you tell your story more effectively.

Your advocates are persuasive storytellers.

Newforma tried telling prospects about the features that made their software different, but their messaging wasn’t moving the sales needle. We suggested they let their advocates tell their stories of how Newforma helped them deliver better projects faster, as in the video above, and according to their VP Marketing, “The numbers speak for themselves.”

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I think especially nowadays there's just something very powerful about customers being able to tell the story on your behalf. We know from our own statistics just how powerful that can be."

- Adrian Scholes, VP Marketing, Newforma